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Why You Should Be Trying Influencer Marketing for Your Retail Store May 27, 2022 (0 comments)

Influencer marketing

New York, NY--Influencer marketing is everywhere. More brands are trying to run influencer campaigns to promote themselves. A BigCommerce report states that 17% of companies spend about half their marketing budget on influencer campaigns. 

[Image source: Pixabay Commons]

Influencers help tell a story that people can relate to, and if rightly done, it can often be more convincing than flashy or expensive advertising campaigns. 

A rightly-planned influencer marketing program can help retailers in two ways. For established retailers, it can help grow their brand, and for smaller businesses, it can be an excellent way to spread the word. 

An article by LTK mentions specific ways retail influencers can help businesses grow:

Influencers, in turn, also have some expectations from your brand. The article also talks about the characteristics of a retail influencer — great identification points if you want to get started in influencer marketing.

Read more in the entire article.

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