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71.26 Carat Yellow Diamond Discovered in Canada: See Photos September 26, 2022 (0 comments)

Large diamond

Toronto, Canada--Arctic Canadian Diamond Company has just announced a once-in-a-generation find that shows the world the importance of Canada to the diamond industry.

The 71.26-carat rough diamond is a fancy vivid yellow color, the most vibrant and valuable of all yellow diamonds. Even more astounding, it is likely the largest fancy vivid yellow diamond to ever be discovered in Canada. It was found in an underground section of the Ekati mine in Canada’s Northwest Territories. The beautiful rough diamond exhibits a near-perfect octahedral shape, a rarity for diamonds this size. The octahedral shape is the form that natural diamonds take as they grow, but they are often broken from that shape over many millions of years and under extreme conditions. 

Ekati is Canada’s first diamond mine and has been known for supplying rough diamonds to the global market for more than 24 years. The Ekati diamond mine is owned and operated by the Arctic Canadian Diamond Company and is a prime example of responsible mining practices and environmental stewardship.  Responsible mining means improving lives, strengthening communities, protecting wildlife, and respecting the environment in which the mines operate.

“This historic fancy vivid yellow gemstone continues to showcase Canada as a major player on the world stage for diamond mining,” said Rory Moore, President and CEO of Arctic Canadian. “Canadian diamonds are some of the most sought-after globally because of responsible mining practices and environmental stewardship. This stone is a testament to Ekati’s ability to deliver value now and into the future.”

One can only imagine the unbelievably polished diamond that will be cut from a rough diamond this special. Of course, a rough diamond of this size and color can take more than a year to plan and cut into its most extraordinary self. In the meantime, we can admire its gorgeous natural form and dream of what it will become.

This article was originally published by the Natural Diamond Council and has been republished with permission.

[Images via the Arctic Canadian Diamond Company]

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