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A Successful Promotion For Only $450? See How Hands Jewelers Did It! |  March 20, 2019 (1 comment)


Iowa City, IA—Successful promotions take a lot of work and planning and still there are no guarantees it will work. So it’s always great when one works – and works really well! The Centurion had connected with Charlie Nusser (left) of Hands Jewelers, Iowa City, Iowa. Nusser shared his biggest promotional success from 2018 and generously shared the insider’s scoop.

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“Our annual diamond sale was our best promotion and our biggest success last year,” said Nusser. “One of the many amazing ladies on our staff, Beth, had the idea to have a different theme each day of our sale. The themes were ‘Stud Day,’ ‘Bae Day’ and ‘Color My World.’ The staff at Hands’ tied a product category or style to each day. Those pieces then had an additional discount subtracted from the sales price.

“As a store that only has two sales a year and truly believes in value, not discounting, it was totally out of our element, but it really worked out well,” he reports.

Hands Jewelers, in Iowa City, believes in selling on value, not discounts.

To advertise, Nusser planned and executed targeted social media campaigns that were key to making the promotion work. “We used both Facebook and Instagram,” he explained. “We only posted on Facebook. However, there is a feature for the ad itself to run on Instagram. In terms of how we targeted people it depended on the content. Overall, we have really been targeting women self-purchasers in the 25+ age range, and also men in the 20-35 age range looking for engagement rings.”

Nusser did his homework. “The biggest thing and the hardest thing was figuring out who to target, when to target them, and how to get them to take action. I studied our Facebook analytics every day for a month, leading up to our diamond sale, and that really helped a lot. It also gave me a lot of perspective on who currently interacts with our Facebook page—which was primarily women 55+. Since then, we have completely flipped our audience from only 55+ to a nice balance of 55+ and younger. The majority of the people now who interact with our page now are men and women 20-35, which is really what we were looking for (i.e. engagement rings) and then women ages 35-45.”

You won’t believe the cost! In the past, Hands’ would have spent $3,000+ on newspaper advertising for a promotion of this scope. For digital advertising? “All in all, we only spent around $450,” said Nusser. “It was a huge success.”

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Hands hasn’t stopped there. “Since the promotion, we have continued to use social media targeting and have gotten better and better at targeting people. We even sold our first pieces on Facebook the other day,” says Nusser. 

Now that’s a successful promotion!

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CONGRATULATIONS Charlie on a very well thought out and exicuted promotion. Welcome aboard to the next generation!!!! I am so happy to see you join your dad and Ann.

I am a representative for Breuning US. It has been a while since I have been in the store… please put your heads together and consider Breuning. I would like to schedule an appointment. If itis not convenient at this time…. perhaps if you all are going to the Luxury or JCK shows in Las Vegas…...that would be a good time to revisit the collection.

Again….Good to have you with us!

Tamra Moore
Breuning US

By TAMRA MOORE on Mar 21st, 2019 at 3:40pm

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