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An Attorney Went To A Jeweler And Ended Up With A New Kidney September 07, 2020 (0 comments)


Dallas, TX--So few news stories (any story? ever?) begin with, "An attorney went to a jeweler and ended up with a new kidney."  But It's true. (Image Credit, Erleigh Wiley)

So, when that Washington Post headline popped up, we had to learn more and pass on this amazing story to the reraders of The Centurion.

From the story:

Aaron Wiley ended up with more than he bargained for in May, when he went to his favorite jeweler in Dallas to get his wife’s old diamond necklace upgraded.

One day after helping Wiley and his wife, Erleigh Wiley, select a new motif for the necklace, Jennifer Pratt of JPratt Designs offered an unexpected gem: her kidney.

Click here to read the the full story!

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