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Local Paper Fetes Wilson & Son’s Plans To Return To Original Location September 07, 2020 (0 comments)


Scarsdale, NY—It’s back to the future for Wilson & Son Jewelers. After more than three-quarters of a century at its current location, the AGS jeweler and Rolex dealer is moving back into the original building where it was founded. Image Credit: Matt and Mike Wilson, Scarsdale Inquirer/Jim MacLean

Wilson & Son was founded in 1932 in the town’s historic Harwood Building, but has been located across the street on Chase Road since 1944, reports The Scarsdale Inquirer. A perfect confluence of events is allowing the jeweler to create a space approximately 30% larger than its current location. Part of what will be Wilson & Son’s new space was already dedicated to jewelry: jeweler Daniele Trissi is moving from street-level to a third-floor space in the same building, and Sam Lehr Designer Jewelry closed after 20 years. 

The business is owned by fourth-generation brothers Matt and Mike Wilson.

From the paper, “When Mike and I first came into the business we really weren’t part of designing the [renovation] in 1986,” Matt said. “That was someone else’s design, someone else’s idea, someone else’s concept. From that we added on and added on. It’s kind of like taking an old house and adding on. In our history we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t work. So we’re going to take all the knowledge of what we see working and incorporate it into the new store — all the technology. It’s going to be more spacious, more open, more comfortable, more welcoming, brighter. It’s just going to be more user-friendly.”

Added Mike, “For both our clients and our employees.”

The jeweler will move sometime in 2021 after the renovation of the new space is complete. Read the full article here.

It’s been a busy year for Wilson & Son. A philanthropically active family and business, the two brothers were inspired by the harrowing reports from their sister, Amy Wilson Soravilla, a nurse working on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic at its height in the New York area. The brothers sprang into action to do what they could to support medical workers. Through Mike’s connections with Feeding Westchester, for a time the jeweler regularly fed workers at three area hospitals and provided dinner for more than 100 National Guard troops at a hotel in Tarrytown, NY. 

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Early this year, third-generation patriarch Ira Wilson passed away at age 81 after battling leukemia. 

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