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Ann Arbor’s Austin & Warburton Closing After 35 Years October 07, 2022 (0 comments)

Austin and Warburton shop

Ann Arbor, MI--Memories float around for Craig and Brenda Warburton, who are closing their jewelry store, Austin & Warburton, after 35 years in business.

[Image via Austin and Warburton]

"We'd get through our stuff, and then we'd sit and think about all the little boxes under trees and in stockings around town where a little bit of Brenda was that day," Craig Warburton said in a news report.

The couple closed the shop following their retirement. "We've stayed current with everything up to now, and it's just a chore," Craig shared in the report.

The business, located at 2335 W. Stadium Boulevard, has specialized in handcrafted pieces, with Craig designing them and Brenda bringing them to life.

"These all have stories, that's the hard part," said Craig, sifting through a box of models.

Moving on comes with the support of the community. 

"We're part of so many people's lives, and they're part of our life," the jeweler stated. "It's been an amazing run, and we're so grateful to the people that have supported us."

Read Craig and Brenda's entire story in this report.

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