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Brand And Retail News: More Sterling Drama; Yehuda’s Desktop Synthetic Sniffer; GemFind Adds Data June 07, 2017 (0 comments)


Yehuda Launches $1,500 Synthetic Detector 

Las Vegas, NV—Yehuda has introduced a desktop detector (left) that can identify HPHT (high pressure, high temperature) lab-grown diamonds in five seconds. The machine, priced at $1,495, can sniff out synthetics whether mounted or unmounted, alone or in a large parcel of melee, and cut or uncut.

The literature and website did not say whether the device can also identify carbon vapor deposition (CVD)-grown diamonds, but it maintains that 99% of all lab-grown melee is done so using the HPHT method. Click here to watch a video of the device in action.


GemFind Adds Data Reporting Feature To JewelCloud App

Newport Beach, CA—GemFind has launched a new reporting module for its popular JewelCloud app.

CEO Alex Fetanat believes this new module will provide significant insight into the purchasing habits of jewelry consumers. “Understanding the specific product categories and price points consumers are looking for in real-time provides the best data possible for making critical marketing decisions for the retail jeweler,” he says. Improving the data means improving the effectiveness of a jeweler’s marketing efforts, he adds.

Since its initial launch, JewelCloud has been implemented on retail jewelry websites all over the United States. By allowing jewelry consumers, retailers, and suppliers to connect in the shared space of the Internet, JewelCloud provides the platform to update online inventory and time-saving interactions. By adding a reporting tool, JewelCloud also becomes a source for jewelry consumer analytics and could help revolutionize the way jewelry retailers and suppliers market product moving forward.

GemFind, a web technologies and digital marketing firm specializing in the jewelry industry, has long believed in the power of data-driven decisions for marketing jewelry. Says Fetanat, “Companies like Google have completely transformed the way marketers approach building new campaigns. JewelCloud reporting provides the same kind of data, but the analytics are specific to jewelry consumers and jewelry transactions, which is the vital ingredient to improving jewelry marketing.”

JewelCloud reporting is available immediately for all current JewelCloud users. New users who sign up for JewelCloud will also receive the reporting module as part of the purchase agreement.

To connect with GemFind and learn more about JewelCloud reporting and other web technologies for the jewelry industry, visit or call (800) 373-4373.    


Signet COO Resigns After Four Months In Job

Akron, OH--The news never seems to get better for Sterling Jewelers, parent company of Kay, Zales, Jared, and Piercing Pagoda in the United States. On Monday, company announced the resignation of its new COO Bryan Morgan after only four months in the position. According to reports, in a form 8-K filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, the retailer said he was stepping down due to “violations of company policy unrelated to financial matters.”

Morgan, formerly executive vice president of supply chain management and repair, was promoted to COO at the end of January, replacing former COO Ed Hrabak, who retired

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