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Brand News: Josette Patterson Interviews Jewelry Blog Influencers; Kain Offers Men’s Market Research June 28, 2017 (0 comments)


Josette Patterson Interviews The Jewelry Girls Who Met On Instagram

Corona Del Mar, CA—It’s always a guess where Josette Patterson’s blog will take us next. One month it’s to a posh villa for weddings in San Juan Capistrano, CA; another it’s to our nation’s capitol to visit the legendary (and not so tiny) Tiny Jewel Box. The latest post from Patterson, wife and partner of designer Mark Patterson, is an interview with two women from opposite ends of the world—an Aussie from Melbourne and a South African transplanted to Miami—who met online as fans of each other’s jewelry-themed Instagram feeds. They did what any two strangers that love jewelry would do: became friends and launched a business together.

Bebe Bakhshi and Tracey Ellison (shown left in Basel) are the force behind ChampagneGem and TheDiamondsGirl, respectively. Two jewelry enthusiasts who travel the globe to share their love for diamonds and high end jewelry on Instagram, they are among today’s top jewelry influencers. Patterson met both of them for the first time a few weeks ago at the Couture Show in Las Vegas, and of course it immediately inspired her most recent blog post. Read her blog post here.

Ellison and Bakhshi in Mark Patterson's salon at the Couture Show.


Kain New York Presents Men’s Jewelry Research

New York, NY—Kain New York, a new brand of men’s jewelry, recently presented a compilation of market research showing the potential growth of the men’s fine jewelry market. For instance, despite the proliferation of cell phones, there are still 1.2 billion watches sold annually (2016 figures from the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry). The presentation goes on to cite leading fashion industry sources such as, which said “as attitudes shift, men’s jewelry grows;” “significant growth in the men’s jewelry category” from the New York Times; and “it’s a sign of power,” a quote from Philippe Pascal, head of watches for global luxury conglomerate LVMH. The Times reported a major shift in attitudes toward men’s jewelry—at one time it made a very specific statement but now it has become more acceptable and it’s common to see men wearing a bracelet as well as a watch with a three-piece suit.

Men often wear bracelets with suits today, above. Below, a closeup of Kain New York's signature style.

Read more here.

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