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COOLEST CONGRATULATIONS! September 07, 2010 (0 comments)

Centurion congratulates the winners of InStore magazine’s 2010 America’s Coolest Stores competition. Of course, we always knew you were cool, but it’s great to see the InStore judges agree with us!

First place winner in the Big Store division is O.C. Tanner of Salt Lake City, Utah, who not only sells beautiful jewelry but also restored a valuable (though dilapidated) historic building in the city.  First place in the Small Store division is the Don Muller Gallery in Northampton, Mass., a store that focuses on distinctive arts and crafts in a variety of categories, jewelry being only one (albeit one that generates 80% of business.)  

Second place in the Big Store division went to Cornell’s Jewelers, of Rochester, NY; while Alara Jewelry of Bozeman, MT took second place in the Small Store division. Third place, Big Store, was Lily & Co., Sanibel, FL; third place, Small Store, was Churchill, Fairway, KS; Fourth place Big Store was Jackie Abraham Fine And Estate Jewelry, Bay Harbor Islands, FL; and fourth place Small Store was Goldworks Designers/Fine Jewelers, Chapel Hill, NC; Fifth place in the Big Store division went to Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry, headquarterd in Shreveport, LA; and rounding out fifth place in the Small Store division was E.E. Robbins, Seattle, WA.

To see all the descriptions and photos of the winners, go here and click on each individual store’s name. 

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