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Craig’s Fine Jewelry Asks if People Like Their Silver Oxidized; Some Benefits of the Process August 05, 2022 (0 comments)

Craig's Fine Jewelry tarnished

Ridgefield, CT--In a recent Facebook post, Craig's Fine Jewelry asked its followers if they wanted their "sterling silver oxidized on not" with their diamonds.

[Image source: Craig's Fine Jewelry/Facebook]

"Blackened or oxidized sterling silver is created when sulfides are added to enhance the natural tarnishing process," the store said in the post. 

The Facebook post added that Lika Behar Collection had created their "Stockholm Crosswire" open-back with oxidized and non-oxidized sterling silver. The rings come in 24k yellow gold and diamonds.

The brand's collection is available on the store's website and can be purchased online.

With more jewelers giving their customers a choice to have their silver sterilized, the benefits of the process are hard to go unnoticed.

Another jeweler, Chikahisa Studio, writes in a blog post that with oxidized silver, you don't have to worry about cleaning it, as it's already tarnished. It adds that the process gives the jewelry an edgy look and adds another color to play with.

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