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Cyber Attack Can Be Bigger Threat Than Robbery For Retail Jewelers; Webinar Will Offer Actionable Prevention Tips March 03, 2021 (0 comments)


New York, NY—Did you know that a cyberattack can be a bigger threat to a retail jeweler’s business and reputation in the long term than an armed robbery?

While a violent robbery is certainly a terrifying situation for jewelers, the damage done by a cyberattack can take longer to repair and recover from, especially if it involves a data breach that exposes your customers’ information. (Read more about cyberattacks on small businesses here.)

To help retail jewelers understand and arm themselves against this threat, The Plumb Club will host a webinar on Thursday, March 18, 2021 at 2pm EDT. The webinar will feature Tim Rettig (top image), president and CEO of IntrustIT, an award-winning business technology provider specializing in cyber-security, SPAM protection, backup, and disaster recovery.

The webinar will include real stories behind the cyber-security headlines, providing the jewelry industry with specific actions to protect their company, themselves, and their families from cyber threats. Additionally, attendees will learn best practices, as well as tips and tools that are immediately and easily implementable. Some of the topics the webinar will cover:

“We hear daily examples of accounts being hacked online. It’s happening all around us and nobody is truly safe from the threat,” says Lawrence Hess, executive director of The Plumb Club. “As part of our mission to help educate the industry, this subject and how to defend against an attack is not only timely, but one of the highest priorities for jewelers today. We’re happy to be able to help the industry protect themselves.”

Rettig added, “Often, these types of presentations are full of boring statistics and non-specific recommendations. This presentation will not be the case. I will provide the newest insights into the rapidly developing world of cybercrime.”

All jewelry retailers are invited to register for the cybersecurity webinar here.

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