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DensityUSA’s Fog System Targets Retail Robberies, Uses Invisibility as a Shield September 12, 2023 (0 comments)


Kirkwood, MO--Rising retail thefts may have met their match with an anti-theft solution that takes a foggy approach to deter potential burglars.

[Image via Density USA]

DensityUSA has rolled out a system that releases a dense fog, making it virtually impossible for thieves to navigate or spot items.

Mike Egel, President of DensityUSA, discussed on Fox & Friends that technology is actively used in continents like Europe and Australia.

He said the strategy focuses on overnight thefts, particularly the large-scale smash-and-grabs. "There are a few municipalities that will allow us to do this during the daytime when customers are there," he said during the episode,

Highlighting its safety and efficiency, Egel elaborated that the fog used in this mechanism was harmless yet thick. "So whether there's employees or customers in the store, as long as you're communicating that and letting folks know to stay in place, they'll be just fine," he noted.

The fog mechanism integrates with the retailer's existing security setup. Once activated, it creates an environment of near-total obscurity within moments.

The company's website states this fog is intentionally "dense and disorientating," ensuring any burglar's plans are thwarted. It's also said to be entirely residue-free and poses no harm to humans or pets.

Having witnessed the effectiveness of this security method in the European Union, Egel, alongside business associate Scott Bader, decided to introduce it to American retail. Already, several states have retail spaces harnessing this unique safety tool.

Egel further told Fox & Friends of its global acceptance, noting that people were using this system across 80 countries. 

The report stated that retail theft, per Capital One Shopping Research, has surged to alarming heights, with 2022 reporting losses of approximately $86.6 billion.

The research anticipates this figure might escalate to a staggering $115 billion by 2025.

Check out the original Fox report.

Below is a promotional video of the store's alarm system and how it works, posted one year ago on the company's YouTube channel.

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