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Skibell Fine Jewelry Presents a Second Chance for Exclusive Photoshoots September 12, 2023 (0 comments)


Dallas, TX--After the successful mini photoshoot event, Skibell Fine Jewelry is preparing to host another on October 17.

[Image via Candy's Dirt]

Lyn Skibell, the jewelry store's owner, expressed delight over the previous event's turnout, revealing in a report on "Candy's Dirt" that they've been fully booked for next week and aim to cater to everyone interested.

The report noted that Preston Center's Skibell Fine Jewelry will feature Lori Sapio and her crew, offering individualized photoshoot sessions for $35.

Participants will also receive a bonus jewelry appraisal worth $150.

The store promises an inviting atmosphere for those unfamiliar with Skibell Fine Jewelry. Lyn Skibell highlighted the store's accessibility, distinguishing it from typical mall-based establishments.

The report added that the store's design, credited to Lisa Hendrikson, utilizes its space to provide an open, light-filled setting.

Skibell Fine Jewelry's collection features an eclectic mix of designer, estate, bridal jewels, luxury watches, and custom designs.

"Maybe you've just inherited a piece, or you just cleaned out your jewelry box," Skibell stated in the report. "We can transform it into something you'll wear every day."

More details in the Candy's Dirt report.

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