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Special ‘Coming Out’ of the Pandemic Sales Strategy Issue May 22, 2021 (0 comments)


Merrick, NY--This week, a special five-article edition of Sales Strategy looks back at what winning jewelry stores have done to get through and must do now to succeed as US society rapidly emerges from the pandemic.

  1. Video Columnist and jewelry store trainer James "Jimmy" DeGroot reviews Why Jewelers Succeeded in the Face of the Pandemic 
  2. Be Realistic About The Post-Pandemic Bounce covers the possibility that customers will come back to stores in greater numbers in the months ahead but go back to their digital-to-physical habits at the same time. This provides food for thought that needs to be considered in formulating your jewelry store's go-forward strategy.  

  3. Store management consultants Dan and Lori Askew study many aspects of the road ahead in their piece Maintaining Your Sales Momentum: What Could Derail The ‘Roaring 20’s?” 

  4. The New Key to Digital Marketing Success for Jewelers in 2021 provides Alex Fetanat of Gemfind's take on the digital side of jewelers' 2021 success strategy with details on the digital sales/customer experience funnell and more. His article can be read in its entirety at

  5. Finally, designer Frederic Sage reveals the brand's new behind-the-scenes "photo-shoot" video campaign in Frederic Sage Offers ‘Photoshoot’ Video on New Campaign.  It presents multiple models who portray the beauty and excitement of the designer's jewelry-wearing experience. 

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