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Douglas K. Hucker Announces Exit From AGTA March 02, 2022 (0 comments)


Dallas, TX--Douglas K. Hucker, chief executive officer of the American Gem Trade Association (AGTA), has announced his departure from the association after 24 years, effective immediately.
Hucker joined AGTA after serving as president and partner of The Registry Ltd., a firm specializing in antique and estate jewelry. With an extensive background in colored gemstones and education, he is noted for launching many careers in the jewelry industry with his guidance and insight into the many facets of the trade.

Under Hucker's leadership, AGTA grew into a leader in the colored gemstone sector, offering education, marketing, promotion, and sales programs for colored gems. AGTA is the sponsor of AGTA GemFair™ Tucson, the world's leading colored gemstone trade show. AGTA also runs the Las Vegas Gem and Jewelry Show and The Hard Rock Summit in Denver.
Hucker also helped put the AGTA brand to work addressing important business practices such as gemstone treatment disclosure and origin importance, and fostered AGTA's affiliation with other industry groups such as CIBJO, the Women’s Jewelry Association, the Gemological Institute of America, Gem-A, Platinum Guild International, the Diamond Council of America and Jewelers of America. 
“As more than two decades of service ends with Doug’s departure, we know there will be stories recollected for years to come of his involvement in the colored gemstone industry and all who have encountered him on personal and professional matters. He is a respected friend to many, and his leadership will be remembered as AGTA moves into the next phase of growth and development,” said Kimberly Collins, AGTA president and acting CEO. “The AGTA Board of Directors wishes Doug and his family good health, prosperity and the best for their future endeavors.”
The AGTA board of directors will begin the process of selecting a CEO soon. All inquiries, questions or pending business matters should be referred to Kimberly Collins.

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