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Forbes: Graff Unveils New High-Jewelry Collection: Tribal March 25, 2021 (0 comments)

2021-3-25 Graff Model Shot

New York, NY--Graff is known for its exquisite diamonds, according to Kristen Shirley, Forbes Contributor. The London-based jewelry house has acquired many notable diamond acquisitions, some that set world records. As a vertically integrated jeweler, the house cuts, polishes, and sets these incredible diamonds in-house, allowing it to control every facet of these stunning diamonds. Model Image Credit: Mikael Jansson for Graff; Jewelry Images Credit: Graff.

To coincide with the spring equinox, Graff unveiled Tribal, its newest high-jewelry collection. The collection focuses on white and yellow diamonds, with one exceptional emerald suite, in three sculptural motifs. The collection is inspired by the stories that our ancestors would tell themselves to explain the world around them and the heavens above, so these motifs focus on the sky, sun, and stars — a language understood around the world. 

Francois Graff, CEO of Graff, tells Forbes, “Tribal is a fabulous collection, inspired by the magical folktale of the girl who created the stars. For me, the iconic, timeless symbols that unite the collection evoke a deep feeling of being connected to the world around us on a universal level. Tribal raises the bar in high jewelry and pushes the boundaries of creativity, craftsmanship, and exceptional stones for which we are known.”

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