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GCAL and V360 Open ‘Studio 360’ in New York July 13, 2022 (3 comments)


New York, NY--GCAL (Gem Certification & Assurance Lab) and V360 Technetronics LLP in India, opened a new dedicated scanning service center - Studio 360, in New York, located in the GCAL laboratory on of 580 Fifth Avenue, 27th floor.

V360 is a leader in creating superior quality 360-degree video photography of loose diamonds, colored gemstones, and finished jewelry. This same high-quality and cutting-edge technology service will be managed and operated in New York by GCAL.

“We are the logical partner to be selected by Vision 360 because we were an early adaptor of this outstanding video and photographic technology,” said Angelo Palmieri, GCAL COO and partner. “Our team of exceptionally talented technicians have become remarkably proficient, surpassing even our own expectations for video quality. And we continue to provide this service to all retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers certifying their diamonds, gemstones and finished jewelry with the GCAL laboratory.” 

Angelo continued, “with the impact of the 8X® diamond cut grade on the industry. 8X certification is a visual, scientific and accurate demonstration of a diamond’s brilliance, fire, scintillation and beauty. The 8X digital certificates, featuring the 360-degree video, play a critical role in retail sales success.”

Here is a demonstration how this technology will work with the 8X digital certificates.

“The association between both companies was possible because we believe in a similar ideology- where integrity and customer satisfaction is foremost,” said Vasudev Ankoliya, V360 CEO and founder.

The V360 camera, rotating stage, lighting control and software combine to create a virtual diamond and jewelry consumer shopping experience by providing a realistic view in a virtual environment, Ankoliya said. Retailers’ and customers can digitally assess the diamond or piece of jewelry from anywhere in the world. Users need only to place, preview and scan. It talks seconds to scan a diamond, he added, and the result is ready to share with anyone on any platform. Turnaround time for 360-degree videos of gems and jewelry is 24 to 48 hours. 

For more information, email GCAL at, call GCAL at 212-868-8985, or visit the Studio 360 website at .

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Comments (3):

There is already 360 Video being done in building 580 5th Avenue in Suite 421 (4th floor) from last 3 years.

Turn around time is just 4 to 5 hours (same day) most of the time and next day for jewelry with just 10 to 15 USD per diamonds and they can do up-to 500 stones everyday. And for Blue Nile photography, it is free…

By Ben Hakman on Jul 18th, 2022 at 1:26pm

Vision360 already transfers its center to 580 Fifth Avenue, 27th floor and the 4th floor centre (v360 inc.) is not handled and operated by vision360. So there will be no more updates on vision360 equipment at this center.

Despite the fact that vision360 is blocking current videos on popular selling websites such as Rapnet, Brilliant Earth, Nivoda, Blue Nile, and others.

Furthermore, GCAL is maintaining the quality much better than v360 inc (third party)

By jastin williamson on Jan 11th, 2023 at 6:07am

If you’re looking for top-notch 360-degree video photos of diamonds, colorful gemstones, or survivor io completed jewelry, go no farther than V360. In New York, GCAL will run and manage the same cutting-edge technological service. This company was a pleasure to work with; I was able to put my skills to use.

By chefrepulsive on Dec 25th, 2023 at 2:16am

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