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How New Publishers Are Having Fun With The Topic Of Jewelry August 31, 2022 (0 comments)

New jewelry book

New York, NY--Book house Taschen has been in the publishing industry for 42 years. It is only now that it's publishing a title on jewelry.

[Image via Taschen]

It was not the easiest choice to publish a book on jewelry. "The problem with jewelry is you have to find the right approach, angle and cut to tell a good story visually and in book format," said Marlene Taschen, the house's managing director, in a news report.

The publishing house has now found an entry point in "Ice Cold: A Hip-Hop Jewelry History" by Vikki Tobak. The 388-page anthology on four decades of bling and its artists and characters is scheduled to launch in October.

What makes it different is its comprehensiveness to justify its $100 price tag, perhaps. "'Ice Cold' is different from a traditional jewelry book — it's quite alive," Ms. Taschen said in the report. "It's not just about the jewelry, but about how it was made and by whom it is worn over time. It's about the photography, photographers and some of the greatest hip-hop artists over several decades."

The founder and editorial director of The Adventurine, who has penned eight jewelry books, thinks jewelry books do the much-needed act of "demystifying jewelry and having fun with the subject."

For jewelers, associating their store with some fine prints can help create a sense of decor and taste. Learn more about new jewelry books in this report.

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