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Idaho’s Barry Peterson Jewelers Flaunts Its ‘Private Rock Collection’ — See Images August 31, 2022 (0 comments)

Barry Peterson item 1

Ketchum, ID--Barry Peterson Jewelers announced on Facebook that they take pride in their massive private rock collection and showcased a few pieces by sharing their images.

"A known rockhound from childhood, Papa Peterson encouraged his family to get out and around Idaho where many gemstones were found," the post said.

The store, located at  511 Sun Valley Rd, said that the stones have been cut, polished and set in several of their handmade pieces.

The store also invited followers to come and see their "one-of-a-kind creations" with Spencer Idaho Opals, Battle Mountain Turquoise, Blaine County Agates, and Variscite from Utah.

Link to the Facebook post

[Images via Barry Peterson Jewelers/Facebook]

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