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Here’s How San Jose Will Spend Its Smash-and-Grab Prevention Funding October 21, 2023 (0 comments)


San Jose, CA--The San Jose police department is gearing up to combat the rising trend of smash-and-grab crimes with generous funding from the state. 

[Image via The Mercury News]

The department will receive $8.4 million, more than half of which will be allocated for salaries, benefits, and overtime of officers specialized in retail theft prevention.

According to a report in The Mercury News, automatic license plate readers are the following significant investment, with $3.1 million dedicated to purchasing the technology.

The remaining $500,000 will be channeled into assessing the efficacy of the new technology, training, and acquiring necessary computer supplies.

In the report, Rachel Michelin, President of the California Retailers Association, voiced optimism, emphasizing the progress in battling organized retail crime. She's keen on observing how the funding is employed against retail theft.

This strategy emerges in response to the widespread occurrence of smash-and-grab crimes, where groups storm stores, overpowering employees and hastily pilfering merchandise. Videos of these incidents, often virally circulated on social media, have heightened public discourse on California's crime scenario. 

The final decision on the fund's allocation rests with the San Jose City Council, set to vote on October 24.

Learn more in the entire report published by The Mercury News.

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