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How Senco Gold & Diamonds’ Digital Transformation Enhances Customer Experiences November 17, 2023 (0 comments)


Bengaluru, India--Senco Gold & Diamonds, a popular name in Indian jewelry with over 140 stores, has embraced technology to redefine the customer experience. Spanning over 50 years, the brand focuses on integrating handcrafted artistry with modern digital tools, addressing the evolving needs of its broad consumer base through an omnichannel approach.

[Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash]

Seamless Customer Experiences: The Core of Senco's Vision

Aiming for "one customer, one Senco," the company's primary goal was to provide a consistent and personalized customer journey across various platforms. This required managing customer relationships effectively across different touchpoints. Pursuing this goal led to implementing strategies like bridging the online-offline gap, offering omni-channel support, and automating in-store processes.

Overcoming Relationship Management Challenges

Senco partnered with EY to tackle these challenges using the Microsoft ecosystem, including Dynamics 365, PowerPlatform, and Azure services. This collaboration aimed to create a connected experience across sales, service, marketing, and in-store interactions.

CRM Implementation for Enhanced Customer Interactions

Senco's journey with Microsoft Solutions began in 2012, leading to an upgrade to Dynamics 365 Commerce on the cloud. EY's assessment and subsequent implementation of Dynamics CRM enhanced customer services, sales, and marketing efficiency, providing a personalized experience.

Omni-Channel Transformation: A Step Towards Customer Delight

The project resulted in better order management, comprehensive business analytics, and improved sales effectiveness. Mobile-based applications and AI-driven marketing campaigns further enhanced customer engagement. This transformation streamlined operations and positioned Senco as a leader in digital innovation within the jewelry sector.

Learn more in the EY report.

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