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Investing in Rolex Outperforms Gold, Real Estate, and Stock Investment March 03, 2022 (0 comments)

Rolex Watch

Newport Beach, CA--There may have never been a better time to purchase a Rolex. Newly released data by pre-owned watch sector leader Bob's Watches reveals that Rolex outperforms both real estate and gold when it comes to flat-out percentage increases.

The findings are based on the inflation-adjusted gold price provided by The data around median sales price for houses sold in the U.S. comes from the Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED) database.

The data also revealed that Rolex watches saw a higher appreciation range in the past five years--a trend that continues into 2022. As highlighted in Watchpro, the prices of pre-owned Rolex seems to have also increased when looking at the actual dollar-value amount in the past 10 years. The average cost of a pre-owned Rolex watch has increased from less than $5,000 in 2011 to over $13,000 at the end of 2021.

Covid-19 has played a role, too, as the Rolex price appreciation during the pandemic period is about the same as over the past five years. 

Rolex models such as Day-Date, Sky-Dweller and Daytona have emerged on top regarding price appreciation. Models such as the Date and Air-King saw only modest, yet steady, appreciation in their value. 

Bob's Watches suggests that while there may not be a guarantee of appreciation in the future, the encouraging trend around their prices in the past makes for interesting considerations.

Here is the link to the complete study.

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