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JSA: Burglaries Down As Jewelers Follow Security Advice April 22, 2020 (0 comments)


New York, NY—As jewelry stores across the nation are closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Jewelers’ Security Alliance commends the industry for following proper security procedures. The cooperation has resulted in a significant drop in burglary attempts and, of those that have occurred the burglars gave up and left after seeing there was nothing easily accessible to steal. 

While not all crime has ceased, JSA says the burglary attempts recently are unskilled criminals rather than the professional gangs it usually sees. Recent attempts include a jeweler tampering with the electrical power box of a Florida jewelry store on Easter Sunday, two instances in Illinois where burglars broke into a store and took some low-value items that had been left out, and one in California where they broke the door, saw no merchandise to take, and left.

JSA emphasizes that jewelers need to put all merchandise in safes or vaults and leave nothing in showcases, even low-value items. It urges jewelers to remain vigilant, and follow the burglary recommendations listed below.

1.   If the rules of your jurisdiction permit, retail jewelers (or their security company), should consider carrying out regular physical inspections of their stores, including roofs, alarm boxes and electric junction boxes. Jewelers can also do a remote access inspection through their surveillance system if the system has that capability. Even a drive-by is better than nothing to check on your premises when stores may be closed for an extended period of time.

2.   Put ALL jewelry away in a safe or vault. If you can’t fit all lower value goods in a safe, make sure that merchandise is locked away in a closet or drawer, and not visible by burglars casing your store.

3.   You must respond to all cases of power interruptions and alarm conditions at your store. Do not go without police or guard accompaniment. A full inspection, including the roof, sidewalls and all possible points of entry should be checked.

4.   If your insurance company permits, consider storing high dollar merchandise in a bank vault.

5.   Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company has arranged with Malca Amit, a high security shipper, to offer its clients the opportunity to have their merchandise picked up and stored in Malca’s vaults during this emergency. Jewelers Mutual will pay for the pick-up and delivery; the insured will pay for the storage.

6.   Test your alarm system, including motion detectors, and camera system to make sure they are functioning.

7.   It is not recommended to take jewelry merchandise home which creates a whole new set of security risks for you, your family, and loved ones. If you feel you must take jewelry home, extreme discretion is necessary.

8.   JSA is closely monitoring burglary patterns, gangs and attempts in the United States. In addition to whatever reports you make to the police, please report to JSA all burglaries and even attempts, including attacks on your store’s power supply or alarm system.

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