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KP Plenary Closes With No Further Progress On Conflict Diamonds November 22, 2021 (0 comments)


Moscow, Russia—After urging members of the Kimberley Process Plenary to expand the outdated definition of conflict diamonds--which did not happen--World Diamond Council president Edward Asscher nevertheless strove to offer a positive tone in his closing remarks to the Plenary on November 12.

Although the conflict diamond definition was not expanded, Asscher noted that constructive conversations did happen during the meetings. 

“We always seek to support journeys of continuous improvement, and so we will continue to push for progress.” WDC will place the conflict diamond definition as a priority item when the KP begins its next Review Cycle. 

Meanwhile, the WDC will move ahead on its own, introducing its revised System of Warranties, Asscher said.

“This holistic approach is imperative for all of us in the business of selling diamonds, because who today wants to buy a pair of sneakers, a t-shirt, coffee beans or chocolate – let alone emotionally symbolic jewelry – if there is any doubt about the conditions in which its components were sourced and the impacts they had on society.” 

Asscher expressed the industry’s support for suspending the expansion of green zones in the Central African Republic, from where rough diamonds can be legally exported, until such time that it can be verified that the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme can be reliably implemented in currently non-compliant parts of the country. But he reassured the CAR delegation that the WDC will do whatever it can to support progress there.

Edward Asscher, president of the World Diamond Council.

To download a copy of Asscher’s closing address to the 2021 Kimberley Process Plenary, click here.

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