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Maria Carola Picchiotti Talks Jewelry In Live Instagram Chat September 21, 2020 (0 comments)


Valenza, Italy--Maria Carola Picchiotti, scion of her family's famed Italian jewelry brand, will be featured in an Instagram Live Chat with The Diamond talk by Renu Choudhary on Friday, September 25. Choudhary is a leading global diamond writer with more than 46,000 online followers. Picchiotti will show off some of the brand's exclusive new 2020 collecitons, and discuss its design inspirations and the more than 50 years of family tradition behind the brand. 

Image, from top left: Maria Carola Picchiotti, Renu Choudhary, and Picchiotti's famed Rose Brooch, first designed and made in March 1967, which helped launch the brand among the world's top jewelry houses. 

 The discussion will be streamed globally, starting at 9:00 a.m. New York time. For more information, visit Picchiotti's Instagram feed, @picchiotti_fine_jewellery, or visit the brand's website.

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