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Maui Divers Jewelry’s Design Celebrates Sea Turtles Nesting Season August 30, 2022 (0 comments)

Maui Divers Jewelry logo

Honolulu, HI--Maui Divers Jewelry took to Facebook to talk about the Honu sea turtles' breeding season and showcase a design they have to mark this period.

"It's nesting season in the Islands for the Honu (sea turtles)," the store wrote on Facebook. "Each year, the Honu will return to their birthplace and nest before the hatchlings race for the waters."

[Image source: Maui Divers Jewelry/Facebook]

The jewelry house, which has been "inspired, designed and created in Hawaii," invited its followers to join them in celebrating Honu's season and presented a gold-plated sea turtle necklace.

Link to the Facebook post.


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