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New MJSA Guide Helps Maximize Refining Returns May 03, 2021 (0 comments)


Attleboro, MA--MJSA Press has published a new comprehensive guide to managing metals refining and ensuring profits aren't being thrown away (literally). The digital book is titled A Refined Approach: Tips for Capturing Precious Metals, Choosing a Refiner, and Maximizing Returns. 

It covers everything from managing inventory to capturing all types of metal waste—hard scrap, sweeps, sludge, solutions—and preparing a lot for refining. It also offers guidance on how to choose and work with a refiner, and provides an overview of what the actual sampling and assaying processes entail.

A Refined Approach is available as a Kindle e-book through Amazon, and as a downloadable PDF that can be purchased through MJSA. The standard price for both versions is $9.99, although MJSA members can download or request the PDF free of charge as part of their membership benefits. To learn more, go to

The Prime Sponsors of A Refined Approach are David H. Fell & CompanyGannon & ScottUmicore Precious Metals, and United Precious Metal Refining. Additional support was provided by Geib Refining Corp.Gemological Institute of America, and Hoover & Strong.

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