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Ongoing Construction Reduces Foot Traffic to Downtown Wichita Jewelry Shop March 30, 2022 (0 comments)

Downtown Wichita

Wichita, KS--Steven Anthimides, who owns a jewelry store in downtown Wichita, has been having a tough time with construction on both sides of his shop.

"They are going to fix the sidewalk here, but we have no parking to the west, and if you look to the east... well, no parking there either," Anthimides, the owner of Athena Jewelry, said in a KAKE news report. "You literally have to walk into the street or J-walk to get in here. So that's definitely put a hardship on us."

Anthimides added that customers constantly call and say they would love to come in but can't find a parking spot, and that foot traffic to the shop had reduced by 60%.

But the construction surrounding the shop is "no big deal" for Coola Dimas, a Kechi resident. "It happens in every town... I've lived all over the country...This is no big deal," she told KAKE. 

Anthimides's shop has been in the downtown neighborhood since 1980. "It's been a wonderful location. We love it. We always have. I pretty much was raised downtown. This is my neighborhood," he said in the report.

Read more on Anthimides' Athena Jewelry and the challenges imposed by the construction work in this original news report.

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