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Oops! Bad Math, But Tiffany Ad Is Still Going Away April 21, 2021 (1 comment)


New York, NY--On Monday we reported that Tiffany & Co. is pulling its legendary Page A3 ad (one example here) from the New York Times, a position it has occupied since 1896. We said it was a 105-year-old tradition coming to an end--but an astute reader pointed out our math was off and it's really a 125-year-old tradition coming to an end. We stand corrected and the original story has been updated to reflect the proper math.

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Comments (1):

Check out the NYT Sunday paper today for a couple of new Tiffany ads. Front Page lower banner and back page full-page ad. The ads feature diamond engagement rings in a Tiffany box. The message is about diamond traceability.

Ad reads:
As a pioneer in responsible sourcing, we don’t just adhere to industry standards - we lead by example. We’re the first global luxury brand jeweler to disclose where our newly sourced, individually registered diamonds are sourced, cut, polished, graded and set. It’s one of the many ways we ensure that we meet the highest standards in quality as well as social and environmental responsibility.

By Cindy Chandler on Apr 25th, 2021 at 3:46pm

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