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Outpouring of Love and Respect for Kate Peterson April 12, 2023 (1 comment)

Kate Peterson1

Gaithersburg, MD--Kate Peterson, a well-known jewelry consultant, has died Tuesday from injuries sustained in a fire on Easter Sunday morning, according to family and friends.

The sudden and tragic death of such a beloved and respected person in the jewelry industry has resulted in an outpouring of love on social media. The death was confirmed by her son, Nick Peterson, in a message that has that has been shared on Facebook and LinkedIn. The message reads:

"Jack, Stella, Cody, Max, Sadie, Olive, and many other pups have their permanent walk partner on the other side of the rainbow bridge. Earlier today we said goodbye to the most amazing person this part of the planet has ever seen. Kate Peterson, my mother, passed away this afternoon. Taken from us way too soon.

She was the smartest person I’ve ever known (trying to find her IQ test to prove it!!) and anyone who knew her knows she was not afraid to show it.

She lived her life on her terms, and wouldn’t let anyone tell her otherwise. In the face of adversity, she built herself into a globally known professional in her industry. Always stopping to see, and appreciate, the world on her travels.

She loved her friends, her family, and her dogs fiercely, and she will be missed.

Kate will be our hearts always."

Those who know her in the industry have been posting their condolences and remembering her for exceptional intelligence and warm heart. The “Jewelers Helping Jewelers” page on Facebook has been perhaps the most notable place for people to share their thoughts.

It’s particularly shocking to those who have been in touch with her on a regular basis right up until the time of the house fire that took her life.

Several local news reports indicate that there was a house fire at 1 a.m. Easter Sunday in Gaithersburg, MD., that injured four family members and killed three dogs. It was soon learned that the house belonged to Peterson and her family. Peterson was critically injured and had to be resuscitated at the scene of the fire. The fire is under investigation but there is no indication of carelessness or foul play, according to news reports.

Friends and family began sharing that Peterson was placed in an induced coma and was likely without oxygen for a prolonged length of time prior to being resuscitated. She also had burns over about 15% of her body.

Another close friend also requesting anonymity said Wednesday that Peterson’s family removed her from life support on Tuesday.

Peterson founded Performance Concepts 26 years ago, a jewelry consulting firm where she has helped hundreds of retailers and others in the jewelry industry to improve their businesses in many ways. She specializes in retail jewelry but has full knowledge of the entire jewelry industry and has helped companies throughout the jewelry supply chain. She is especially known for her intelligence, but more importantly for her big heart and her willingness to help anyone at any time with a business or personal challenge. Many of the social media tributes to Peterson talk about this.

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Comments (1):

Honored to be considered a friend, my business therapist,  brilliant, always had a positive answer for some of life’s seemingly impossible issues. A huge chasm in my life and our industry.  My thoughts and love go out to her sons and family.  May Kate be running around in the sunshine with her dogs…

By Mark Watson on Apr 13th, 2023 at 3:00am

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