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Perfect Corp. Debuts AR Tech for Hyper-Realistic Jewelry Virtual Try-Ons September 18, 2023 (0 comments)


New York, NY--Perfect Corp. unveiled a new feature, "Stacking for Rings, Bracelets, Jewelry & Watch Sets and Ring VTO Finger Change," designed to redefine virtual jewelry shopping experiences through augmented reality (AR) technology.

[Image via Perfect Corp.]

According to a release on Yahoo! Finance, the technology empowers consumers to virtually sample an array of jewelry – from rings and bracelets to watch sets – individually or collectively in one lifelike AR view.

Jewelry lovers can experience a "try-on journey," switching rings between the index, middle and ring fingers for a genuine insight into how each piece complements their hand.

In the release, Alice Chang, founder and CEO of Perfect Corp., highlighted that this leap blurs the lines between imagination and tangible reality and charts a path toward a fresh epoch of tailored luxury retail experiences.

The release noted that with shoppers no longer tied down by toggling through separate categories, this feature ensures they traverse myriad styles fluidly, fostering informed purchasing choices.

Learn more in the entire release on Yahoo! Finance.

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