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PhotoScribe Technologies Announces Upgrades to its LMS-650 Cold Laser Diamond Inscription System March 23, 2022 (0 comments)


NewYork, NY--PhotoScribe Technologies has added hardware and software upgrades to its LMS-650 Cold Laser diamond inscription system, which the company says will make it more powerful and secure.

“Improvements to the LMS-650 include: boosting security, optimizing the quality, accuracy, and speed of the laser inscription process, and streamlining diamond tracing,” says David Benderly, PhotoScribe founder and CEO.  

More specifically, imaging and digitization upgrades to the LMS-650 include:



Benderly adds that market trends – such as the growth of lab-created diamonds, the consumer’s interest in verified traceability, and supply chain integrity – have made diamond inscription a necessity.

For more information about PhotoScribe Technologies, visit the company's website, call 212-819-1177 or email  

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