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Product News: Baggins Baby Akoya Pearl Collection July 22, 2020 (0 comments)


Los Angeles, CA—Baggins Pearls announces its Baby Akoya pearl jewelry collection. These Baby Akoyas are cultivated in Vietnam on a pearl farm that Anil Maloo, owner and designer of Baggins, helped his family set up and establish almost 25 years ago. “We are getting some amazingly beautiful pearls with very high luster and thick coating from these farms,” he says. The colors are all natural: white, cream, yellow, gold, silvers and blues. 

Baggins calls them Baby Akoyas, as they range from a size of 2 – 5 mm. Japan has very limited production of these sizes due to high labor cost and increases in pollution, but Vietnam is producing some beautiful pearls, says the company, which has now designed a collection of pearl jewelry around these pearls. They’re ideal for layering or wearing on their own, or giving for a special-occasion gift like birthdays, graduations, or bridal wear. 

Baggins is available for video call meetings. Contact the company to set one up or for any other questions or requests. It also will be participating in the Luxury and JCK Virtual Show from August 10-14. Call (877) 33-PEARL or email:


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