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Rebus Introduces SMO Gold Nautical Signet Rings January 11, 2023 (0 comments)


New York, NY--Rebus announced in a news release that it is launching signet rings carved from single-mined origin gold.

[Image via Rebus]

Emmet Smith, the founder of rebus, said they always feel happier and energized when close to the ocean in all its changing moods, and. I wanted to capture this spirit and profound attachment in these designs, after all who doesn't feel better after a day by the sea.

The release noted that sailors can work alongside a rebus designer, developing a custom design, such as a profile of a beloved ship, historic lighthouse or landmark. Marine life can be memorialized in precious metal, from an octopus or fish to hammerhead sharks. Classic symbols can be interwoven, such as a trident, anchor or nautical star. Designs can be reverse engraved to seal an elegant correspondence.

The oxford 55 signet smo gold ring offers a palette to begin the nautical design journey. Available in 9k, 14k or 18k smo yellow gold, rebus master goldsmiths customize deep seal engravings or initials on the face, and script or roman capital engraving within the shank. Merging identity, style, and tradition through tailored design, the incorporation of single-mined origin gold ensures customers that each rebus oxford 55 signet ring has been ethically sourced from the hummingbird-owned yanfolila mine in mali, west africa.

The release added that the auditable chain of custody for gold, denotes a legitimate mining operation and no conflict, supporting the prosperity of the local mining community. To add depth with color, the stone set oval signet ring offers a unique aesthetic to achieve a luxurious carved vision in stone. Bloodstone, carnelian, lapis lazuli, and onyx, are available in a solid back rub-over setting. Secure and classic, one can capture additional oceanic textures in a deep engraving.

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