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See The Retailers Who Made the ‘WatchPro Hot 100’ June 20, 2022 (0 comments)


London, United Kingdon--The “WatchPro Hot 100,” celebrates those in the U.S. who have had a significant impact to drive the popularity of watches. The list includes the top watch and jewelry retailers in the country.

Among the many names are those who are familiar in the industry such as the Udall family who own and operate London Jewelers in Long Island; The Razny family who owns and operates Chicago’s Ranzy Jewelers and Lisa Bridge of Ben Bridges jewelers, the West Coast luxury retail chain.

The list covers retailers from every part of the country. The majority are family-owned operations and range from one-store businesses to large chains. Each has their own story, and each is chronicled in this special issue of WatchPro, the United Kingdom’s publication for the watch trade.

Image credit: WatchPro

“Yes, every brand we feature in this book makes fantastic watches, but without the people behind the brands, customers would never be filled with the irrational desire to buy wristwear that is a pure luxury and style statement rather something required to tell the time,” said Rob Corder, WatchPro co-founder & editor.

View the retailers who made the list and read their unique stories by following this link.

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