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Stephen Webster Launches ‘The ReBelles’ Collection to Celebrate Heroines Throughout History March 21, 2022 (0 comments)

The ReBelles collection

Merrick, NY--British fine jewelry brand Stephen Webster launched the ‘The ReBelles’ jewelry collection. According to the company's website, the collection finds inspiration in heroines throughout history and their achievements, intellects, and rebellious spirit.

The jewelry collection comprises of seven limited-edition made-to-order cocktail rings. The collection showcases Stephen Webster’s craftsmanship and attention to detail — each piece interpreting the personality of the rebel who inspired it.

“Each cocktail ring has its own individual story, connected only as a collection by the fact that each piece is inspired by a strong powerful women throughout history, and in all walks of life," the brand's founder Stephen Webster said in a statement on his website.


Photo credit: Stephen Webster

Some of the collection designs are as follows.

Check more about the collection on the company's website.

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