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Tourist Finds Nine-Carat Diamond In Arkansas September 27, 2020 (0 comments)


Murfreesboro, AR—A lucky visitor found a nine-carat diamond at Arkansas’ famed Crater Of Diamonds State Park on Labor Day. Kevin Kinard, 33, initially thought the brown stone was a piece of glass, but picked it up anyway along with any other crystals he found. Visitors are allowed to keep any stones they find digging at the park. Image:

The 9.07-carat diamond is the second-largest ever to be found at the park, with the biggest being the 16.37-carat “Amarillo Starlight” found in 1975. That stone—estimated to be worth about $150,000—also is the largest diamond ever found in the United States. More recently, however, the 8.52-carat Esperanza Diamond was found in June 2015 by a woman visiting Crater of Diamonds State Park from Colorado. The former Stanley Jewelers Gemologist of North Little Rock, AR, handled the cutting and setting of the stone: Canadian cutter Evert Botha of Embee Diamonds traveled to the store to do a live cutting event, and the finished stone was set into an Erica Courtney-designed mounting. The event, also streamed live on video, garnered more than 1,700 views, lasting an average of 11 minutes each.

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As is tradition to name large diamonds, Kinard is calling his stone will be called the “Kinard Friendship Diamond.” Kinard is shown here holding his diamond and a special certification from park officials (image,

Crater of Diamonds attracted thousands of visitors per year prior to the COVID-19 pandemic; now the park is still open but has strict capacity limits.  

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