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Two Suspects Switch Gold Bracelets at 5 Stores September 25, 2021 (0 comments)


Garden City, NY--Seemingly taking a crime vacation in July, the two suspects shown above/ left are reported to have switched bracelets in five jewelry stores since June, with their latest switch in Garden City, NY on September 15, 2021.

The other switches were reported in Elizabeth, NJ and Brooklyn, NY on June 20 and 23, respectively; then in Stamford, CT and Brooklyn, NY on August 14 and 17, respectively.

In a recent crime report, the Jewelers Security Aliance (JSA) noted:

The suspects ask to see gold bracelets, and during the presentations the suspects are able to conceal one or more bracelets, and/or carry out a switch with a lesser value bracelet with a counterfeit sku tag.

The suspects have palmed an item, concealed it under their phone, passed the item back and forth to each other and put their hands in a showcase. On one occasion a sales associate noticed that one suspect had put an item in his pocket. When asked to return the item, the suspect complied, but returned an item that was not the one he had been shown. If you have information, contact JSA at 212-687-0328 or

JSA Recommendation: Salespersons must be careful that the item returned to them is the item they presented, and that all items are returned.

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