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Webinar Replay: Lab-Grown Diamonds: Rising Stars of the Jewellery Industry July 06, 2021 (0 comments)

2021-7-5 WebinarReplay

New York, NY--On July 17, hosted “Lab-Grown Diamonds: Rising Stars of the Jewellery Industry” webinar featuring industry experts Marty Hurwitz, CEO and Founder of THE MVEye, and Zulu Ghevriya, CEO and Co-Founder of lab-grown diamond jewellery brand, Smiling Rocks.

From Today’s new crop of branded lab-grown diamond jewellers is, without any doubt, bringing fresh energy and excitement to the world of jewellery. Recognised as a product category that packs significant potential, lab-grown diamonds are capturing the attention of millennial and Gen Z consumers with jewellery designs that are edgy, youthful and modern. The fact that these brilliant beauties are also more affordable compared with mined gems enhances their appeal among budget-conscious consumers, especially first-time diamond buyers. Also joining the panel is Diana Verde Nieto, Co-Founder and CEO of Positive Luxury, who will share her insights on how luxury brands could contribute to a more sustainable world, the significance of The Butterfly Mark, and why sustainability is increasingly important to today’s consumers.

To view the webinar, please click here or on the link below and scroll down on the page to the video.

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