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What do Jewelers and Netflix Have in Common? |  August 16, 2020 (0 comments)


Merrick, NY--Merrick, NY--Your jewelry company may have more in common with Netflix than meets the eye and probably can take a page from their playbook. Netflix has a multitude of content products to quickly differentiate from one another, just as you must differentiate your company and its propducts from many other jewelers and a variety of consumer purchasing options. Currently, Netflix is using a few very well-chosen words to differentiate its content offerings and you should consider borrowing from this strategy (Images courtesy of

Recently, on our smart TV, I've noticed that Netflix has assigned each show three (sometimes four or five) descriptive words to each show preview. Your experience viewing these words may differ depending on what device you are streaming on but we've shown a number of examples below so you can see how this works.

Sometimes the words Netflix has chosen are predictible: Action, Gritty, Mystery, for a thriller type movie/show. While unsuprising, the three (four or five) simple words offer an encapsulated description of what you may be about to watch. In short, those few words work as well as a three paragraph description and take up a lot less visual space as well as being a great time hack. Netflix is also using a variety of words. Some of my favorites are Soapy, Cerebral, and Quirky. It's easy to really get a feel for a show quickly. That's one of the reasons this caught my eye -- interesting word choice and very specific.

For instance, in the top graphic, the Minecraft Storymode's three words are: Magical, Rousing and Goofy

So, take a few minutes (and involve your staff) to find YOUR company's 3 words. What are the current three words that describe your company. Probably 'Gritty' and 'Goofy' aren't great words for your company, but you can find just as many relevant words. 

Take the time for a branding gut-check if you will. What are today's three words that matter to your customers that you feel represent your store? Then decide if you need to revamp your marketing a bit to promote those words -- and more importantly the feelings behind them. At least consider adding them to your social media posts and road-test them and see if you connect with any of your customers once they can see what your company's personality is like.

And what about E-commerce? What if your product pages or outgoing product emails started with with three descriptive words fo help customers zero in on the essence of the product? Imagine category terms like 'Quirky' or 'Understated' to peak your customer's interests.

Below are several examples from Netflix to help you get started -- have fun! 

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