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Wilmington Robbery and Assault Incident Leave Victim’s Family ‘Emotionally Drained’ September 30, 2022 (0 comments)

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Wilmington, NC--A downtown store had been robbed a "number" of times during the past 35 years. Then came the pandemic and the rallies devolved from the killing of George Floyd, where the store was looted.

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Solid Gold Jewelers survived it all, but then the store's owner — a 68-year-old man — was attacked on September 15, leaving him hospitalized — even re-learning how to walk.

The victim's family — shaken by the robbery and the attack on their family member — is now speaking out, reveling that they have been "emotionally drained" by the incident which saw the accused hit the victim several times with a pistol. 

The family now doesn't want the victim ever to be working at the store again 

"He's already mentioned he wants to move to Korea to retire with my mom, and I feel like it's safer over there," a family member said in a news report. "There (aren't) the guns you have to worry about here. I just want my dad to be in peace and live a good rest of his life."

Only some of the stolen jewelry has been recovered so far. 

"It's been very frustrating for us," the source noted in the report. "We saw what was posted to the police department's website and it was nothing significant in our eyes."

Read more about the incident and the thoughts of the victim's family in this news report. View previous Centurion story about this robbery

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