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Zales Marks 100 Years with Influencer Partnerships and Hands-On Retail Revamp May 28, 2024 (0 comments)


Akron, OH--Zales, the jewelry brand established in 1924, is undergoing a significant rebranding as it celebrates its 100th anniversary. Known primarily for engagement and wedding rings, Zales aims to diversify its product range and attract a broader customer base.

[Image by Zales via PR Newswire]

This year, Zales is moving beyond its traditional focus on engagement jewelry. The brand has implemented various marketing strategies to boost visibility. In April, Zales launched a campaign on social media, highlighting its heritage and introducing a custom necklace with 100 carats of lab-grown diamonds worn by singer Becky G at the 2024 Oscars.

In a report published in Glossy, President Kecia Caffie outlined several innovations. In January, Zales added new Designer Edits featuring emerging jewelry designers. The company is forming new partnerships and updating 100 select stores to include an open sale format, allowing customers to handle the jewelry directly. Zales is also increasing its social media presence through influencer content on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.

Per the report, Zales plans to introduce more affordable jewelry, with pieces under $1,000, to attract more customers to physical stores.

Signet Jewelers, Zales’s parent company, reported fourth-quarter sales of $2.5 billion in May 2024, a 6.3% decrease from the previous year. Despite this decline, Zales is optimistic about its future.

Caffie noted in the report the importance of e-commerce, noting that over 80% of customers begin their shopping online. The company is focusing on digital-first strategies and building relationships with influencers to attract digitally native consumers. Zales is shifting its advertising from traditional TV to streaming and sports events.

Regarding consumer acquisition, Caffie stated in the report that Zales remains committed to offering high-quality jewelry at various price points, from $250 to $70,000, to meet different customer needs. The brand aims to be relevant for significant life moments, from promotions to engagements.

Learn more in the entire report in Glossy.

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