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A Guide To Online Sales Training May 11, 2016 (0 comments)


Merrick, NY—While it’s always fun to get a sales trainer into the store for a few days, it’s not without its costs, including time off the floor for your associates. And if you’re also worried about how long their motivation will stick after the session is over, continued online training could be the answer.

Many top industry sales coaches have an online training program or an online component to complement what they do in-store. Here are some good industry resources: Noted sales trainer Terry Sisco recently created a series of affordable online training sessions that take only a few minutes of an associate’s day but build upon the success of previous lessons. (Click here for more from Exsellerate.)

Werxblog, by Andrea Hill. Hill, the former CEO of Rio Grande and other companies, is a management consultant that helps businesses in both the jewelry industry and other fields maximize potential and, by extension, profit. Her blog, while not a training tool per se, addresses a variety of business topics that are important for both owners and associates.  Selling is one of them. Click here.

Thrive is an e-learning course developed by Kate Peterson of Performance Concepts. It focuses on training new hires efficiently and effectively, ongoing professional development for associates, and provides customizable content, live webinars for staff meetings, and tools to set and track personal and team goals.

GIA of course, offers its full Graduate Gemologist diploma program both on-campus and via distance learning, but it also offers an Accredited Jewelry Professional program to get the basics down quickly.

The Diamond Council of America offers courses in both beginning and advanced jewelry sales, as well as basic gemological education.

Pat Henneberry of The Jewelry Coach features 24/7 access to training modules on her website.

Brian Barfield of Modern Day Selling offers two videos on his website that address some common sales barriers.

And finally, for a broader perspective, here is a list of 11 free online sales training courses from These aren’t jewelry-specific but may address some general sales skills your team needs.

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