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Are Billboards Still Relevant In A Stay-Home World? December 02, 2020 (0 comments)


Louisville, KY—Billboards traditionally have been quite an effective advertising medium for jewelers. But in a world where people aren’t traveling so much, does it still make sense to allocate ad dollars to them? Image: Florida's J.R. Dunn Jewelers helps a customer pop the question in a big way.

Yes, writes Rachel Mauck in Retail Customer ExperienceOut-of-home advertising, the overall ad category that includes not only billboards but also transit, airport posters, and more, obviously has been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. But it too has had to quickly adapt, and she says the advent of more and more data along with digital billboards and posters, has helped the category create highly targeted options for retailers that can be very effective.

From the article:

COVID has forced a major shift in traffic patterns, habits and the daily journeys of consumers. But with access to real-time mobility, location and traffic data that is now a staple of OOH campaign planning, retailers can find reach their targeted audiences and deliver an impactful message. Physically speaking, consumers may not be in the same place as last year – airports, gyms, commuter trains, etc. — but they're still out there, and OOH planners can find them.”

An advantage of digital billboards is programmatic buying, which is especially relevant to small retailers, Mauck writes. Retailers can establish specific times and conditions to hyper-target campaigns with precision (say, a special promotion) and turn their ads on and off with no long-term commitment. Additionally, she says, OOH also is a proven complement to online and mobile advertising, as both engagement and click-through rates go up when other digital advertising is supported by OOH.

Read the full article here.

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