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Boosting Sales & Social Impact with Cause-Driven Gift Cards May 04, 2023 (0 comments)


North Mankato, MN--Cause marketing combines a for-profit business's power with a non-profit organization's impact, promoting social responsibility and fostering customer loyalty. 

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According to a report by Taylor, studies indicate the importance of cause marketing in a brand's success, as it influences consumer behavior and decision-making.

Cause marketing statistics show:

According to Taylor, for retailers, cause marketing can directly influence sales. Brand strategists at Main & Rose found that 71% of consumers are more likely to buy from a company focused on social impact, and 60% have purchased from unfamiliar brands due to their support of a cause they believe in.

On that note, here are four components of cause-driven gift card:

1. Card and Carrier Design: Create a gift card design highlighting the supported non-profit organization or charitable cause. Incorporate recognizable colors, images, logos, and symbols for the immediate association

2. Omnichannel Integration: Integrate the cause-driven gift card into broader marketing efforts, utilizing every customer touchpoint to promote the cause and gift card support, including:

3. Cause-Related Education: Utilize the gift card program as a platform for continuous education, employing content marketing tactics such as podcasts, articles, webinars, and videos to spotlight the non-profit or charity.

4. Cause-Related Rewards: Ensure the gift card program includes a reward or benefit directly related to the cause, such as:

Taylor says it provides a comprehensive solution for devising, designing, and delivering a cause-driven gift card program, including program strategy, design, data management, card production, packaging, and fulfillment for B2C, B2B, or business-to-store.

Read more in the full report provided by Taylor here.

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