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Gorjana’s Clienteling Approach Skyrockets SMS Conversions by 8.4%: Here’s How July 04, 2023 (0 comments)


Laguna Beach, CA--gorjana, spotting an opportunity to increase brick-and-mortar traffic through SMS communications, approached Endear in the summer of 2020.

[Image via Endear]

They envisioned SMS as an effective communication tool for two main reasons:

Endear's solution, says the company, helped gorjana achieve its in-store sales targets. The SMS templates enabled their retail teams to interact with any responding customers and maintain key promotional messaging across all store locations.

Gorjana personalized their templates to incorporate critical features:

Gorjana could accurately assess the effectiveness of its new SMS strategy. The results?

The conversion rate impressively rose to 20% when SMS was used to respond directly to a gorjana customer.

Curious to know more about why the gorjana team will continue using Endear? 

Check more at Endear.

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