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The Guide To Running Google Ads as a Jewelry Brand September 27, 2022 (0 comments)

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New York, NY--Google ads help you find leads that can convert. It can help you collect the correct email addresses, attract sign-ups, and encourage people to check out your store and even shop online.

[Main image by Brett Jordan via Pexels]

The potentials are numerous for jewelry retailers to make something out of advertising through this popular platform and increase their brand awareness.

Besides, advertisements seem to work with Google search users as well. According to reports, online ads can increase brand awareness by 80%., which can be great for jewelry stores trying to reach out to more people.

An article highlights the different kinds of ads jewelry retailers can create to attract more leads.

For example, Google Shopping ads are a great way to approach people actively seeking something. It shows up in Google search results and directly motivates users to purchase. These ads can be created by connecting your online store to the Google Merchant Center — a free tool by the search engine giant. 

[Image via Google for Retail]

The article also mentions display ads that work well with jewelry retailers. For this, advertisers would need to provide some assets to Google so that it can put your ad in place. These display ads can also have banners that can be visually appealing and look good on the pages of their publishers. They can also be created in different sizes — both vertical and horizontal.

YouTube ads are another option that jewelry retailers can think about while advertising their products.

The article also details some challenges jewelry retailers can face while creating ads on Google, such as facing high competition and making "on brand" ads. 

Interested in learning more about these Google ads? Read the entire article.

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