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How Retail Marketers Can Get to Know Their Customers Better September 22, 2022 (0 comments)

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Philadelphia, PA--More customers flocked to making purchases online during the pandemic, leaving many businesses unprepared. Retail marketers were the most impacted, as now their work involved managing more customer expectations. 

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The shift in customers' intention means marketers must make them their top priority. An article highlights key strategies to help marketers navigate through these challenges. Here are some of the points the article discusses:

Using a more personalized approach

When customers receive meaningful content, it makes them feel appreciated and valued, and they look forward to engaging more with the brand, ultimately building the customer lifetime value (CLTV). For example, sending bulk emails to customers without understanding what they are interested in can lead them to interact less with your brand.

Creating a great user experience

Customers tend to give up on the brand if they have a negative experience. Retail marketers must analyze customer behavior by looking at analytics to see which part of their website might need some tweaking, which can give them a better chance of retaining customers.

Think omnichannel

Omnichannel is an essential strategy for brands and retailers if they want to reach customers instead of waiting for them to reach the brand. We have a guide on going omnichannel that you can check out.

Explore more of these customer-centric approaches for retailers in the entire article.

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