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How a TikTok Marketing Strategy Can Drive Sales July 22, 2022 (0 comments)


Phuket, Thailand--TikTok has globally emerged as one of the most engaging social media platforms. More people are flocking to it and new trends are emerging everyday.

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With over a billion monthly active users, the platform is used by people across age and demographics.

So how can retailers make the best out of TikTok to sell more? An article highlights specific strategies that business owners can implement to build an audience on TikTok and drive sales.

The first step is setting up a TikTok for business account. It's a simple process and helps business owners gain insight into audience metrics and insights.

The second step, as highlighted by the article, revolves around curating a personal feed. Marking posts as "Not Interested" can help decide what's shown on your feed. Every decision you take on the platform becomes a part of the algorithm that decides what shows on your feed.

The third step is evaluating the competition. Business owners can look at which videos generate reach and which ones do not do a good job with engagement. Keeping an eye on editing styles can also help decide approaches to making and publishing videos.

There are various trends around products on TikTok. Business owners, especially jewelry retailers, can look at these trends and see how they can emulate them in their business. Just keeping updated with these trends on your feed can give you plenty of ideas on how to promote products.

Other factors that play a crucial role in establishing dominance on TikTok include connecting with the audience, involving influencers, experimenting with posts, and analyzing results to adjust actions.

Read more on each of these points in the entire article.

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