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How To Address Customers’ Emotions in Your Sales Strategy July 22, 2022 (0 comments)

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Waltham, MA--Emotion is a regular factor when making a purchase. Sales professionals must be aware of this factor to better utilize it in their sales pitch and maximize chances of conversion.

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According to an article, decisions to make a purchase may revolve around two categories: Fear of loss and the subject of motivation of gain.

Identifying these two drivers is an important component for sales professionals who are looking to engage with customers and drive them toward making the purchase. To do this, it is essential that salespersons identify the buying factor, or facts, influences, and circumstances that might contribute to the decision to buy or not buy a product.

It is also important to understand the three important factors to buying: the case for change, stakeholder dynamics, and the decision process.

Some biases come into play too. As per the article, some examples of unseen biases include regret aversion, sunk cost fallacy, choice overload, and status quo bias.

Sales professionals can only empower themselves by being aware of the above factors. These customer-centric buying strategies help better address the customers' emotions to maximize purchase chances.

Read more on the above-mentioned factors in the entire article.

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